Montag, 12. Mai 2014

banking security warning

Achtung unseriöse email

Betreff der email:        Important: banking security warning

Scheinbarer Absender: FRAUD ALERT SYSTEM <>

Inhalt der schädlichen email (in Textform):
Dear Sir or Madam,

The security system of your bank has just registered an external attempt to pay with your credit card.
Due to the fact that the safety of your banking account could have been hacked we strongly recommend you to follow the instructions given in the attachments to the current email.

To protect costumers from attacks and fraudulent activities coming from within the banking system itself we need costumer’s verification to start the investigation and adjust the security measurements. In case you ignore the instructions your service will be temporarily suspended and will be available after visiting a local office.

cardholder name and all the instructions are in the attachments to the email.

PCI DSS Chief officer
Ergänzende Anmerkungen: Die angehängte Datei ist schädlich

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